Wednesday, December 12, 2018

High Visibility Traffic Lights at Night

Street At Night Abstracts 2

Moscow Lights at Night Abstracts  Series 2

Car lights and traffic infrastructure make these abstracts.

# 2/1

# 2/2

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Moskvitch 2140 # 5

Here is a Moskvi(t)ch 2140, post-1982 version, in some snow-bound inner yard in Moscow.

 Recently we had this PRE-1982 Moskvitch 2140 so can now search for differences between the two.

Differences of the POST-1982 model from the PRE-1982 2140 model are the most obvious in front and include: no sign of chrome trim, no emblem - replaced by plain lettering AZLK in Russian on a plastic grille, also a plastic bumper with integrated amber turn signals and side lights (parking lights).

Pre-1982 (or about) model:

Post-1982 featured model.

Some chrome trim is left in the back though.

SL trim which stands for super luxury - an upgraded trim.

Inner city yard dweller.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Volga GAZ-24 # 4

Here is a summery Volga GAZ-24, fourth GAZ-24 on blog so far.

"Second Series".

Moskvitch 2140

This Moskvitch 2140 is the fourth 2140 overall on blog and the third pre-1982 Moskvitch 2140.

The last true Moskvitch (aka rear-wheel drive).

The fuel cap is dead center under that square license plate flap.

Lada Racer Takata Harness Edition

Here is a Lada (street) racer, Takata Safety Harness Edition.

The car is a Lada VAZ-2105 but may (or may not) have been modified slightly to (street) race.

Check out the headlight wipers!

It appears to be slightly lowered as well.

And now the promised Takata Safety Harness (whether genuine or not).

River Cruise Ships at Rechnoy Vokzal in Moscow