Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spring Sighting - Moskvitch 412

Here is a Moskvitch 412; the No. 3 sighting of a Moskvitch 412 since start of blog.

The Moskvitch 412 was a small family car produced in Moscow during 1967-75.

Production ended  in 1975 so this car can't be less than 42 years.

The rectangular headlights make it a post 1969 version, pre-1969 versions had either two or quad round headlights (which were sometime tanned and quite popular).

In the bumper you can see a hole for a crank starter.

"Moskvitch" was also spelled without the "t".

On post-1969 versions vertical tail lights were also replaced with horizontal. Only triangular turn signal remained on what used to be fins.

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