Friday, September 4, 2015

Chaika GAZ-13, Chaika GAZ-14

Borrowed in part from one of my other blogs, VreMax, where I reported on this car exhibition that I visited a year ago - in August of 2014.  

The Chaika (i.e. "Seagull") automobile... which is a luxury 7-seater automobile from the Soviet Union made by GAZ. The vehicle is one step down from the ZIL limousine.

Here are three Chaikas. The first one is a very interesting example.

It is a rare RAO (RAF) GAZ 13S Chaika -- a Chaika customized by Riga Auto Plant (RAF). 

It served as an ambulance car for senior party and government officials.

One was apparently gifted to Fidel Castro.

Check out the taillights and the dual bumper integrated exhausts.

Chaika GAZ-14, rode in one once as a passenger, sat on a strapontin (aka jumpseat) of which there were 2 in addition to the regular seats (seating 5).

GAZ-14 in some 1993 Russian movie.

GAZ-14 exhaust

Old promo pictures of the Chaika.

1959-81 Chaika GAZ-13

It says the Chaika GAZ-13 is a comfortable automobile, seating 7, reaching the high speeds of 160 km/h and offering a supremely balanced and smooth ride.

 Chaika GAZ-13S (ГАЗ-13С)

1977-88 Chaika GAZ-14

Old pictures of the Chaika borrowed (as they are in public domain) from this great resource - Old Car Catalogue/GAZ

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